An All-Star Start


JSA All-Stars #1
Written by Matthew Sturges
Art by Freddie E. Williams III

So the guy behind the recent attacks on the JSA is none other then Johnny Sorrow. It has been a while since I read the story in the last volume of this series featuring Johnny Sorrow but I remember he was a pretty bad ass villain. Interesting that he is in love with Stargirl – or should I say infatuated? Anyways, this series started off on good feet with this issue. I think I might enjoy this more then the main JSA as I like these characters a lot. Despite Caleb over at Every Day is Like Wednesday saying that these are everyone’s least favorite JSA members (great blog by the way even if I don’t always agree with some of his statements). I do wish Amazing Man could have stayed around or for someone to  say what is going on with Jakeem Thunder. At least we find out what is going on with Sand and someone comments about Atom Smasher’s absence here. All in all, I am excited about this book’s future.


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