The Defeat of Johnny Sorrow

allstars6JSA All-Stars #6
Written by Matthew Sturges
Art by Freddie E. Williams II
Co-Feature by Jen Van Meter
Art by Travis Moore


The first arc of this series comes to an end with this issue and I must say looking back on it, I think it was a very cool arc. Albeit, I am not sure how Johnny Sorrow was defeated? What exactly did King Chimera do to him? That confused me. I liked that it was revealed that Sorrow was posing as Atom Smasher so at least now we don’t have that weird romance between Stargirl and Atom Smasher but it created the drama that Atom Smasher knows that Stargirl fell in love with a false version of him. Next issue will deal with the death of Damage during Blackest Night – I hope he gets a good send-off. Also, is Ann Fortune joining the team? I sure hope so. I actually rather enjoyed the Liberty Belle and Hourman back-up this issue as they continue their quest with Tigress and Icicle and have an indiana Jones-like adventure. We even learn that Hourman and Liberty Belle are planning on trying to have a baby. I like that he wants to get off Miraclo completely before they conceive. Good stuff.

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