Mayfairstivus: 1989 Plastic Man Mayfair Games Card

Once again a bunch of us crazy DCU bloggers are doing a crossover of sorts started by the always fantastic Frank Diablou – who runs a number of great blogs on DC heroes most notably his Martian Manhunter blog. I have always enjoyed reading his posts and he scanned the cards for the crossover. Apparently inspired by a Tom Hartley so shout out to both of them for this.

This time around the crossover is going to revolve around the 1989 Mayfair Games DC Roleplaying System. I am not going to lie, I know NOTHING about table-top roleplaying games. I have always been curious. After a night of drinking, I went home with a dude once who said he was going to be playing Dungeons and Dragons the next day (And I was in awe because he was a hot guy! Hey maybe not all RPGers are antisocial weirdos! I should have known better to prejudge – people say the same thing about us comic fans.) Anyways, that is quite enough about my personal life let’s take a look at Plas’s card from the 1989 set…

1989 Mayfair Games DC Heroes Plastic Man Character Card Front

1989 Mayfair Games DC Heroes Plastic Man Character Card back

I wonder how different these stats would be if this came out today? Joe Kelly established him as one of the most powerful heroes in the League during his run on JLA and basically immortal. (I mean he spent a thousand years scattered in pieces on the ocean floor after The Obsidian Age arc). And I wonder if his real first name of Patrick had been revealed by the time this card came out?

Speaking of Plastic Man, I know he got mangled during Cry for Justice and Blackest Night and he is recovering, but I miss him! And where the hell has his son, Offspring, been?

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6 thoughts on “Mayfairstivus: 1989 Plastic Man Mayfair Games Card

  1. I remember Art Spiegelman did a whole thing about Plastic Man’s inherent sex appeal based on his showing more skin (v-neck, high cut speedos, bare feet) than most any other popular hero. Maybe instead of the ever so very, very tired Jim Carrey shtick, they could give the world it’s first suave stretching hero to redeem the power type?

  2. I think those stats still work with today’s Plastic Man. Don’t forget that taking his Self Manipulation from 15 to 16 means DOUBLING them (APs have exponential values). A stunt like remaining alive even when split into pieces is probably just down to Hero points expenditure (Last Ditch Defense) or part of the plot (GM fiat). Since Self Manip allows you to take on the properties of what you’ve transformed into, I’m pretty sure it could include inert matter’s no need to breathe.

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