As I Have Said Before, Batgirl Rules

Batman and the Outsiders #12
Written by Frank Tieri
Art by Ryan Benjamin

Yes, Cassandra Cain is awesome! Didio respect her you big porn-mustached Jackass! I thought Tieri was leaning toward Batgirl betraying the team but no, she makes a mistake and the Outsiders disband but she demands that the team be brought back together. I like how Robin is worried about Batgirl in this issue because in the main bat-books it seems like they don’t give a shit about her. This book is actually tying into RIP more then most of the tie-ins. In fact, the Black Glove appears in this issue threatening the Outsiders. I don’t think Thunder will stay in the coma and I like how Grace speaks to God about it. And Remac’s death doesn’t bother me a bit, visually he was cool, but Salah was just annoying as hell. Tieri picked the right Outsider to kill off. I really liked this issue.

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