Crisis On Earth-Blog: The DC Challenge – Plastic Man Trivia Challenge

Plastic Man Saviuk

Just in case you didn’t know there is a big crossover for blogs and The Continuity Blog is represented in this crossover by Plastic Man! It is great to be part of this crossover and be represented by one of my favorite characters.  The Continuity Blog’s contribution to the crossover will be some good old-fashioned Trivia:

1) Which of these characters’ children have some of Plastic Man’s DNA within them?

A) Sgt. Rock
B) Black Lightning
C) Green Arrow
D) Adam Strange

2) Plastic Man spends 3,000 years on the ocean floor in pieces after going back in time on a mission to find which character?

A) Aquaman
B) Hawkman
C) Firestorm
D) The Flash

3) Plastic Man actually made his debut in the Golden Age in real life and in current DC Continuity. Which of these other characters can say the same?

A) Supergirl
B) Elongated Man
C) The Metal Men
D) Doctor Fate

That’s it for Plas Trivia, follow Plastic Man’s adventures in the crossover here.

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