Weirdos Are The Best


Doom Patrol (Volume 6) #5
Written by Gerard Way
Art by Nick Derington

Casey Brinke, Flex Mentallo, and Danny the Street work together to defeat Terminox and the Ventra in this weird (in a good way) series that barely makes any sense but is fun and exciting in the weirdest way possible. I love everything about it and I hope it lasts for a long while. The Doom Patrol isn’t officially back together yet it is unclear to me who is going to be officially on the team or if it will ever be a team but it seems the break out star of this book is going to be Casey Brinke who has an incredible costume in my book. Casey Brinke should team up with Halo! Speaking of Halo…she would be an interesting character to join the Doom Patrol. She is a weirdo too.