The Revenge


Secret Six (Volume 3) #28
Written by Gail Simone
Art by J. Caliafore


Diemos is defeated and everyone returns from Skartaris (well except for Lady Vic) and the Six may be working at least part-time for Amanda Waller now. It looked like King Shark was sticking around too but I am not sure. I loved the final scene with Giganta’s revenge on that rat bastard Dwarfstar…priceless!

Catman the Warlord


Secret Six (Volume 3) #27
Written by Gail Simone
Art by J. Caliafore


Catman as the Warlord! War in Skartaris! Amanda Waller gets her revenge! The return of Diemos! King Shark loses an eyeball! This is awesome stuff…what an issue Simone has written here! Go read it! The only thing is some scenes the art seemed a little off…maybe rushed otherwise this was pretty near awesome.

Secret Six In Skartaris


Secret Six (Volume 3) #26
Written by Gail Simone
Art by J. Caliafore


I had no idea the place that they were going last issue was going to be Skartaris! I thought that they sealed off Skartaris at the end of the last Warlord book but they failed apparently as the USA wants to annex Skartaris! Awesome storyline Gail…this book is returing to the greatness it once had as Ragdoll has hilarious lines and it is great to see the Six learn about Skartaris. The ending was shocking as hell too. Great read.

Secret Six 24 and 25


Secret Six (Volume 3) #24
Written by Gail Simone
Art by J. Caliafore


This was weird. It was basically an imaginary story issue with the Secret Six in the wild west. It was okay but it would have been nice for them to explain this or for there to be an editorial blurb that says “Not in Continuity”


Secret Six (Volume 3) #25
Written by Gail Simone
Art by J. Caliafore

Bane’s team and the regular team are forced to fight one another – or at least it is being set up that way. Can’t wait to see it in action! The new team is fascinating and I want them to stick around. Dwarfstar was a great Ryan Choi villain it is so sad to hear Giganta talk about Ryan – I wonder if this is before or after his murder? Good stuff so far.

Secret Six 20 and 21


Secret Six (Volume 3) #20
Written by Gail Simone
Art by J. Caliafore

Well I certainly did not expect Catman to say no and let his child die – I am kind of sick of kids dying in the DCU though. I am still pissed about Lian’s death. But at least it shows that Chesire and Catman really aren’t the best of parents haha I love the way Simone writes Cheshire in particular.


Secret Six (Volume 3) #21
Written by Gail Simone
Art by J. Caliafore

Holy crap this was crazy awesome! It was great to see an exploration of Catman’s child and we see how fucked up his parents were and how much of an evil bastard his Dad was. The fact that his Dad was a big game hunter is brilliant! And Black Alice turning into the Demon “Estrogen”! Now that is just gold! It was cool to see Dwarfstar again – I really miss Ryan Choi.

All The Powers Of Superman

adv7 Adventure Comics #510
Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Travis Moore

Ummmm Bedard could have taken over this series for all I care because this was a great issue! Bedard shows he knows the character of Connor Kent inside and out by recapping his history while moving the story forward. This was by far the best Blackest Night tie-in yet. We get to see lots of action and great characterization at the same time. The strong love between Wonder Girl and Superboy and their training to make sure Connor is never mind controlled again (Nice use of continuity by the way, I would never have thought of that) allows for Superboy to escape from the Black Lantern ring. The art was fabulous as well. Oh and Superboy gets freeze-breath finally! Now he has all the powers of Superman. I kinda liked it when he was all about the tactile telekinesis but this is okay too.

World’s Finest Best Buds


Adventure Comics #506
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Francis Manapul
Co-Feature by John and Michael Shoemaker
Art by Clayton Henry

Now this is a really great comic. For anyone who knows the history and relationship between Connor Kent and Tim Drake, this would be a lot of fun to read. I have followed them since their Young Justice days and it is great to see them working together again…it reminds me of when I hang out with my old friends and instantly there is that bonding even though we are both in completely different places (emotionally, mentally, and physically) then we were the last time we saw each other. It was very relatable for me. Johns uses continuity awesomely as usual. I wonder why he is building up the supporting cast like Lori and Simon Valentine if he is just going to be leaving this book after issue 6. Is Paul Levitz going to still be exploring these characters? Didio made it seem like that wasn’t so in interviews. Anyways, we get in the heads of both characters and they both open up to each other and were completely genuine about what they are going through and I liked that. As for the Legion co-feature, it was definitely the best part yet as we have a great team-up between Polar Boy and Sun Boy and learn that the Legion of Super-Villains have some of their members hidden in the 21st century.