Green Arrow 21 – 25


Green Arrow (Volume 7) #21
Written by Benjamin Percy
Art by Juan Ferreyra

Juan Ferreyra’s art is beautiful. I Can’t get enough of it. Every panel is filled with detail. Broderick is gathering a bunch of baddies, including Brick who I remember from the Winick Green Arrow run, to destroy Seattle and it is strongly hinted Seattle will be renamed Star City in this issue. That is just weird. Why not just have Green Arrow move from Seattle to his usual fictionopolis of Star City instead of removing any Seattle story from being told in the DCU in the future? But I will see how I feel about it when it happens.


Green Arrow (Volume 7) #22
Written by Benjamin Percy
Art by Juan Ferreyra

Mayor Domini is obviously a stand in for Donald Trump and I loved it. Seattle is getting destroyed by these Four Horsemen in very disturbing ways. Crash at the Airport, the road lights are all shot out, buildings are collapsing, and they even manage to go after the Green Arrow treehouse. Damn I liked that thing!


Green Arrow (Volume 7) #23
Written by Benjamin Percy
Art by Juan Ferreyra

Well it looks like the Arsenal/Cheshire romance has been restored to continuity….can Lian Harper be restored too? It also looks like Roy’s time as Red Arrow is restored because he mentions it did not go well when he was Red Arrow. Is he talking about Lian’s death? That can’t still be in continuity because he has his arm right? Interesting. So is the destruction of the Space Needle. That is a quick way to turn Seattle into a different city visually.


Green Arrow (Volume 7) #24
Written by Benjamin Percy
Art by Juan Ferreyra

Now this was a damn good issue. Seattle becomes Star City after Broderick reveals it will be fully funded by the Queen Corporation, and it ends with a cliffhanger Oliver revealing he is still alive and put under arrest. My favorite moments were between Dinah, Roy, and Emi working together to take down Brick. Did Green Arrow straight up kill Broderick in this? I mean I can’t really say that I blame him. He isn’t Batman so it isn’t completely out of character.


Green Arrow (Volume 7) #25
Written by Benjamin Percy
Art by Otto Schmidt

So Ollie is in jail, and guess who is assigned to be his lawyer, Kate Spencer aka Manhunter! It was great to see her again and I can’t believe she never appeared in the new 52 apparently (it did not deserve her I guess). In the end, Green Arrow decides to leave Black Canary as defender of Star City (How does she have time – she is the Justice League and the Birds of Prey on the other side of the country?!) while he goes on some kind of quest to stop Broderick from privatizing the rest of the cities in America? I don’t know exactly what the quest is but I think it will be refreshing to see Ollie explore the DCU. Hell I think if I wrote a DC Comic (…and I would love to) I would have the hero travel to the different cities of the DCU and go exploring! Great issue.

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