Justice League of America 4 – 7


Justice League of America (Volume 5) #4
Written by Steve Orlando
Art by Ivan Reis

Lord Havok and the Extremists are defeated and Kravia is free to build a new country on their own terms. Orlando is subtly making a point about America’s interventionism but I am not sure it quite works here since the League (who stand in for America) don’t screw everything up the way the US does. Or maybe we just haven’t seen it happen yet? I was sad that this had actually nothing to do with Liberty Belle but some Captain America stand-in from Angor. It was cool to see Blue Jay again. I like how they make a good point that there is no way Lobo is meant to inspire anyone…Batman is up to something else he isn’t telling the League.


Justice League of America (Volume 5) #5
Written by Steve Orlando
Art by Andy MacDonald

Steve Orlando sure knows his obscure DC History, the reporters at the Justice League press conference are reporters from all over the DC Universe and its history. I love it! Like I always say, more writers should be like Orlando and play with the toys they have been given them. Sure enough an obscure Wonder Woman villain is even the villain in this comic as the League fights Nikos Aegeus who has taken over a bankrupted city. It is cool to see a good use of the Ray’s power. Orlando is good at that, the last issue he actually used Vixen’s powers well.


Justice League of America (Volume 5) #6
Written by Steve Orlando
Art by Andy MacDonald

The League deafeats Nikos Aegeus in this rather poorly drawn comic book. How many pages are you going to have characters with no facial features? It is very distracting. I don’t know MacDonald enough to know if this is a rush job or his normal art. Anyways, the League invites Aegeus’s assistant Xenos to help spruce up the Sanctuary. It looks almost like Orlando is setting up Xenos as a friend of the Ray or a potential love interest…we shall see. By the way, I am not complaining because it is great to have Ryan Choi back but I sure miss when he wasn’t so nerdy looking.


Justice League of America (Volume 5) #7
Written by Steve Orlando
Art by Jamal Campbell

Alright DC get this Jamal Campbell as a regular artist somewhere, he is fantastic! And this was the best issue of this series to date because of his art. It mainly focuses on Frost and the Atom fighting it up in a museum but the other teammates get their quiet moments in. Great issue.

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