Wonder Woman 20 – 23


Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #20
Written by Greg Rucka
Art by Bilquis Evely

Circe finally arrives in this volume of Wonder Woman. In the past, I would have rolled my eyes. There was a time where it seemed like she was in every other Wonder Woman comic. But as Rucka tends to do, he reinvents Circe here with a new look and a more interesting attitude. He even tells the story of how Wonder Woman and Circe first encounter eachother in this issue. The 5-year-timeline for the character is essentially gone. The caption at the beginning says it takes place in Diana’s seventh year away from Themyscara. Thanks the Gods! The real DCU timeline is coming back.


Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #21
Written by Greg Rucka
Art by Liam Sharp

While searching for the gateway to Themyscira, Veronica Cale looks to have found both her daughter and Ares in some mystical dark tree prison. Ares is looking SEXY as hell. Thanks Liam Sharp. This is a much more interesting look for Ares than he ever had before. I am sad that Rucka is leaving this comic again soon.


Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #22
Written by Greg Rucka
Art by Mirka Andolfo

When the Wonder Woman movie sequel comes out, I am hoping they will take a lot from this run. Rucka has developed Veronica Cale into a much more interesting character, not a pure villain nor a good girl but something in between. She is more nuanced than just being a female Lex Luthor. Andolfo is a good artist but he draws Diana as looking more like Wonder Girl than Wonder Woman. I was a little confused why Diana and Veronica at the end of this issue went from a friendly relationship to being filled with tention. Something to do with Cheetah?


Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #23
Written by Greg Rucka
Art by Liam Sharp

In this issue, we finally find out why Themyscira has been hidden from Diana all these years – it is the prison of Ares. I like how Rucka thinks of how this effects continuity and creates an explanation about why Wonder Woman has met Ares before. It was always an impostor. Phobos and Deimos comes to free their father or kill him to take his role but are stopped by Wonder Woman’s love. Apparently, love literally binds war deities and Diana is capable of love for everyone. That was a cool idea.



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