Cyborg Rebirth 1 – 10

Cyborg (Volume 2) #1
Written by John Semper Jr.
Art by Paul Pelletier

I am not excited to read this series mainly because I hate that Cyborg has replaced Martian Manhunter’s role in the Justice League. I do not dislike Cyborg, but he belongs with the Titans. So here we dive into the first issue and Cyborg is now apparently the defender of Detroit. Fine that is not the worst change in the world. But I have to say I liked this debut, Semper Jr. managed to catch us up on everything about Cyborg and tell a very human story about a machine-man who is afraid he has lost his soul. I am impressed.


Cyborg (Volume 2) #2
Written by John Semper Jr.
Art by Paul Pelletier

Cyborg fights Kilg%re who explains to him his history and that he is just one of the machines being gathered by a mysterious villain who wants Cyborg to join them. In the end, Kilg%re puts him through a test on whether he is human or machine and it involved saving his father’s life. Semper is a good writer as I already feel I care about the Stone Family on issue 2. I am confused as to why Cyborg is working with T.O. Morrow. Is he good now? I did not see the final page coming at all.


Cyborg (Volume 2) #3
Written by John Semper Jr.
Art by Will Conrad

Cyborg has a dream despite his mind being shut off. I think that means he definitely has a soul…especially in the DC Universe where your soul goes to the Dreaming when you are dreaming. If that is what Semper meant by this than he is awesome at knowing the DCU. Although I don’t think that is what is happening because Dr. Morrow says something is infecting his mind. Damn. Anyways, this was another good issue with amazing art.


Cyborg (Volume 2) #4
Written by John Semper Jr.
Art by Timothy Green II

Cyborg has to fight Computer worms in his mind in this awesome comic book. I loved it. And while I saw the end coming…it was still heartwarming. He used to be in love with Sarah but his memory was erased. But she remembers.


Cyborg (Volume 2) #5
Written by John Semper Jr.
Art by Allan Jefferson and Derec Donovan

I have fallen in love with Cyborg’s new friend Blue the sweet blind man who loves Detroit. What a great character! And it looks like during this issue another new character is being create – a female Cyborg. Is Semper building a “Cyborg family” of characters? If so, that is how to make a Superhero dynasty.


Cyborg (Volume 2) #6
Written by John Semper Jr.
Art by Will Conrad

So the CIA Agent woman becomes the Cyborg named Variant, sleeps with Vic (I think…do they have genitals?) and then swiftly betrays him when they go to Iraq. Maybe Semper isn’t setting up a “Cyborg family” but perhaps a new arch-villain?


Cyborg (Volume 2) #7
Written by John Semper Jr.
Art by Paul Pelletier

Wow this was good. So many twists and turn in one issue! Variant goes from friend to foe to friend again, and finally turned off. Cyborg finds out his Dad has been replaced by an evil Robot. Speaking of evil Robots, I would love to see Semper bring back Gonzo the Mechanical Bastard to fight Cyborg.


Cyborg (Volume 2) #8
Written by John Semper Jr.
Art by Paul Pelletier and Will Conrad

It seems like Sempter Jr. is setting up this little dude to be Cyborg’s sidekick of some kind as in this issue Victor projects himself out to the little thief dude to ask for him to break into StarLabs and save him. If Cyborg can send out a projection when he is turned off, why wouldn’t he go to like Batman though? I guess maybe cause he has a limited reach I don’t know. The big bad is revealed to be a creation of Cyborg’s father named Otac.


Cyborg (Volume 2) #9
Written by John Semper Jr.
Art by Paul Pelletier

Otac and Anomly explain their origins although it was confusing to me as to who was who and that was an art problem. Pelletier seems to have rushed this or something because it was very jumbled and unclear. Not bad, just jumbled. Cyborg’s relationship with Exxy is funny and I hope he sticks around.


Cyborg (Volume 2) #10
Written by John Semper Jr.
Art by Will Conrad

We are introduced to Black Narcissus in this issue and I now think my theory that Semper is trying to build a “Cyborg family” of heroes is correct. Narcissus is visually and conceptually interesting, I just wish her name did not suck to say out loud. We are also interested to the a new villain called Rat Lord. I like how Conrad draws Anomaly. He makes him actually scary.




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