Superwoman 1 – 8


Superwoman #1
Written by Phil Jimenez
Art by Jimenez

I can’t believe it took 80 years for DC to put out a Superwoman comic! I mean they have barely used the name except for some minor characters (Earth 3, Lucy Lane for a bit) but now here they are with not one but two characters called Superwoman and in the first issue, one of them disintegrates. Yes Lois Lane of New 52 is apparently dead here. I did not know much about her having never read the New 52 but I am interested to see where this series will go with Lana as the star. She seems to have her own powers and is not just a copy of Superman which makes her all the more interesting. But I wish they would bring Linda Danvers back and make her Superwoman…wouldn’t that be cool! This was a good start. Intersting before Lois dies she sees Clark and says everything makes sense now. DC Rebirth clue?


Superwoman #2
Written by Phil Jimenez
Art by Jimenez

So Lana and Steel are now a couple? I did not know that but I think I like it. I haven’t read the Green Arrow series yet but I thought Star City did not exist yet in the New 52 right…but Superwoman says Maggie Sawyer used to work in Star City. Mistake on DC’s part or am I wrong about Star City? Anyways, this was a great issue and even better than the first! So much happens in one issue it’s incredible. This is the opposite of decompressed. Steel is worried about Lana ending up like Lois…Atomic Skull attacks the Metropolis Parade and tell Steel people are being tortured in the prison…Lena Luthor is revealed to be the big bad…Lana has a dream about the dead Lois…Lana makes friends with Maggie Sawyer. Phil Jimenez is amazing.


Superwoman #3
Written by Phil Jimenez
Art by Emanuela Lupacchino

Okay Lupacchino is an artist I never heard of but I immediately love. Once again so much happened in this issue as Superwoman, Steel, and Atomic Skull try to return power to the city and Lena Luthor reveals why she has turned evil to Lex who she has imprisoned. I can’t say that Jimenez has made Lana Lang truly likeable yet…She is flawed in a way no other Super-character is…but maybe that is a good thing.


Superwoman #4
Written by Phil Jimenez
Art by Emanuela Lupacchino

Jimenez is bringing back all kinds of obscure Superman villains in this series and I love his use of continuity. As I always say, you are writing in the DC Universe, play with all the toys! This issue was good as well…the dead New 52 Lois Lane is somehow haunting Lana and telling her what to do and Lana thinks she is losing her mind. Meanwhile, she finds out from Steel that her powers are killing her and then from Traci 13 that Lena Luthor is going to destroy Metropolis.


Superwoman #5
Written by Phil Jimenez
Art by Jimenez

At first I thought the ending of this issue was the Bizarro actually caring about Superwoman for some reason but instead it looks like maybe it is a trick to go after Steel. Anyways, this was another good issue. I have to say that out of the two Superwomen, I did like Lois’s outfit better and I wish that Lana would adopt something similar but I guess it makes sense to better differentiate her from Supergirl.


Superwoman #6
Written by Phil Jimenez
Art by Jimenez and Matt Santorelli

This issue focused on the history of Lex and Lena Luthor’s relationship as told by Lex. It was really good and emotional. In some sense, it makes Lex sympathetic and in other ways it makes him seem like a monster – and Lex Luthor works best as a character when he is both a monster and sympathetic.


Superwoman #7
Written by Phil Jimenez
Art by Jimenez

Lena Luthor is defeated and Metropolis saved but not before Superwoman begins to be destroyed by her powers and we are left with a cliffhanger. I know she will be saved but I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the end of this long arc with Lena Luthor. I was confused as to how she was even defeated. Other than that, it was a good issue.


Superwoman #8
Written by Phil Jimenez
Art by Jack Herbert

This entire issue with Superwoman in a coma as Steel tries to save her and she speaks with her dead relatives and the new 52 Lois and Superman who both realize they are the same beings as the Pre-Flashpoint Superman and Lois at this point so Lana gives them back the red energy. Does this mean when she wakes up she won’t have her powers anymore? Also how did Atomic Skull end up locked up in Mr. Oz’s tower if he wasn’t taken there in this book? I missed something.

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