Doom Patrol 1-4


Doom Patrol (Volume 6) #1
Written by Gerard Way
Art by Nick Derington

This is the first issue of the new Doom Patrol series under DC’s Young Animal imprint. Which I take it is a mature readers imprint not unlike Vertigo was but set in the DC Universe? I can’t say I was a big fan of the previous Doom Patrol series by Keith Giffen but I like the concept of the strange superhero team enough I guess. I was surprised that series is even referenced in this issue with Oolong Island on someone’s shirt…someone who might be Niles Caulder? I have to say I was pleasently surprised with this issue. We only really get to see Robotman and Niles…everyone else seems new and the team hasn’t been formed yet but this book sure was delightfully weird.


Doom Patrol (Volume 6) #2
Written by Gerard Way
Art by Nick Derington

The second issue sees the girl Casey Brinke meeting Danny the Street or well..Dannyland, and Flex Mentallo. Meanwhile, Negative Man is walking around without his Negative side and Robotman nearly destroys Casey’s apartment in a fight with Aliens. I have no idea where this is going but I am along for the ride.


Doom Patrol (Volume 6) #3
Written by Gerard Way
Art by Nick Derington

This series improves each issue as Casey Brinke finds out she is simply a creation of Danny the Street come to life from reading an old comic book about her. Meanwhile, Robotman tries to help Negative Man and they decide to rebuild the Doom Patrol. All of Doom Patrol’s history is seemingly acknowledged in this comic – meaning Flashpoint or whever caused the timeline issues did not effect them at all. Good. This is a lot of fun.


Doom Patrol (Volume 6) #4
Written by Gerard Way
Art by Nick Derington

How cute is Casey Brinke’s sidekick Fugg? He better to stick around. We need more funny sidekicks. Remember Topo the humanoid Squid during that Aquaman run? I miss his funny squid ass. In this issue, Danny and Casey ride an ambulance through space and time while she dresses like Rainbow Brite-ish. Who couldn’t love this off-the-wall series?!



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