Serious as a Fart in a Space Suit


Harley Quinn (Volume 3) #15
Written by Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by Khari Evans, John Timms, and Joseph Michael Lisner

This issue marks the first time I have seen Power Girl post-Rebirth. Power Girl’s relationship with Atlee seems to have survived Flashpoint intact. How much of Power Girl’s history is the same I wonder? She certainly does not remember her time with the JSA but does she know she is from Earth 2? I am interested to find out. This was a fun issue mostly because of the dialogue between Harley and Zorcrom who is a character I kinda hope mellows out and sticks around as a “Vegeta” type anti-hero. His opinions about enslaving humans are just too funny. Speaking of funny, my favorite Harley line in this comic is “Serious as a Fart in a Space Suit.”

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