The Sons of the World’s Finest


Super Sons #1
Written by Peter Tomasi
Art by Jorge Jimenez

I still have not caught up with the main Superman books in this Rebirth era so this is really my first true introduction to Jon Kent, the Son of Superman and new Superboy, besides the parts he had in Justice League. I don’t mind Superman and Lois having a kid and it is intriguing to see what his powers would be since he is only half-Kryptonian, I sure miss Connor Kent the real Superboy. I can’t believe Rebirth would not have brought him back too considering how much Geoff Johns loves the character. I also am not a big fan of Damian but I was pleasantly surprised on how enjoyable this book was. Damian is basically stalking Jon Kent at school, he even pretended to be the school busdriver and helps Jon sneak out at night to do some investigating as Superboy. It seems like Clark and Lois don’t know yet that Jon has a Superboy costume am I right? The art was fantastic for a book of this nature and this issue was a joy to read. I like how these two characters play off each other. Tomasi writes Damian very well as a know it all jerk but in a charming way. I can’t recommend this enough. Great start to a charming little series.


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