Justice League 1 – 15

Justice League (Volume 3) #1
Written by Bryan Hitch
Art by Tony Daniel

This is the the first issue of Justice League after DC Rebirth and I have to say I was…underwhelmed. I ceratainly felt like I could come into this as a new reader (although there wasn’t much explanation of each character) and understand it but it was just another crazy disasters happening all over the world story. Although I know there is this Kindred subplot…I guess I expected something more. I mean maybe it is just after reading Detective Comics it just seemed like nothing happened in this single issue compared to what happens in every issue of that series.


Justice League (Volume 3) #2
Written by Bryan Hitch
Art by Tony Daniel

I wish I could say that I was impressed with this issue but I really feel like not much happened here. They talked about the problems and then Batman went to go get Superman. That was really it…. hard to recommend a single issue if very little happens. All I kept thinking about was I miss Martian Manhunter. Talk about a character who has been screwed since Didio took over. He was the heart of the League and when I see him you think “Justice League.” Why the hell is he not on this team?

Justice League (Volume 3) #3
Written by Bryan Hitch
Art by Tony Daniel

Now this was a bit better. This still seems decompressed but more happned here. It is the first I have seen of Lois since I started reading Rebirth so that was good although you would think by now she would be used to these kinds of things with her husband. I think Tony Daniel upped his ante on the art in this issue. I found myself enjoying quite a bit more than the previous issues. I wonder what the Kindred’s connection is with the League and these Zodiac Crystals.


Justice League (Volume 3) #4
Written by Bryan Hitch
Art by Jesus Merino

Hitch is guilty of the “Brad Meltzer” trope of having the Justice Leaguers call each other by the real names all the time. Come on. Why in the hell would these new Green Lanterns know the Flash’s secret identity. Anyways, for some reason the Sigil of Truth showed up in ths issue so I imagine this storyline is going to go into an occulty direction which I am excited about. But this is seriously decompressed.


Justice League (Volume 3) #5
Written by Bryan Hitch
Art by Tony Daniel

In this issue the Kindred say they are looking to bring about a Forever Crisis, and it was in bold. I think that was on purpose. Is Rebirth leading to another Crisis event? Or am I seeing things that are not there. Either way, I wouldn’t say I super enjoyed this first story arc of this series, but at least we got that interesting tidbit.


Justice League (Volume 3) #6
Written by Bryan Hitch
Art by Matthew Clark and Tom Derenick

In this issue, Barry Allen and the new Green Lantern Jessica Cruz go on a date….and Jessica Cruz acts like a teenage girl about it.  Isn’t she an adult? It was really hard to read this and think of her as a superhero. Is this character always like this? I just feel like none of the dialogue in this seems very natural at all. Hitch isn’t very good at writing dialogue. Why would Barry Allen mentions his dead Mom on his date? It’s so weird. Not that the character is at all interesting like Wally West was but still…weird. I think this may be because these characters all effected somehow by what they fought. I mean Barry just kinda blew his secret identity in that restaurant there. That being said, the art in this was awful. There were parts where the characters did not have eyes.


Justice League (Volume 3) #7
Written by Bryan Hitch
Art by Neil Edwards

Can Jesus Merino be this book’s regular artist? Because he always kicks ass. I have to apologize I was wrong about Hitch’s writing. He really gets in the heads of these characters here and it turns out they were infected by whatever that fear thing was last issue. There is a great moment between Batman and Superman where they talk about each other. At the end of this issue, Jessica Cruz quits the league. I can’t say I will miss her. Can we have a different female character on this team? Why do we need two Green Lanterns…especially when they are not Kyle Rayner? Can we have Martian Manhunter back in the League?


Justice League (Volume 3) #8
Written by Bryan Hitch
Art by Neil Edwards

Ugh after a stellar issue last time, I am now being backed to being bored to tears. This Justice League is hacked story is really uninteresting. I don’t care about Cyborg except when he is a Titan and I certainly did not care about this. There were some clever Alfred moments and that is it.

Justice League (Volume 3) #9
Written by Bryan Hitch
Art by Neil Edwards

OH MY GOD ENOUGH WITH USING THE FIRST NAMES. THESE PEOPLE ARE IN THE FIELD….THEY SHOULD BE USING THEIR CODE NAMES. I can’t stand this Brad Meltzer shit much longer. Ugh. The greaving Dad part was the only thing that was good about this issue. And every time I look at this team it does not look like the league without Martian Manhunter. Sorry.

Justice League (Volume 3) #10
Written by Bryan Hitch
Art by Neil Edwards

The idea of this app that gets out of control and tries to kill the Justice League based on this little kid who thinks it is a game would be interesting…if the plot didn’t involve a teenage girl inventing such a AI who isn’t a genius or working for a large corporation. It was just too unbelievable and the way it was set up there was no suspense. Also, most of the villains who show up at the end are like Outsiders and Teen Titans villains…interesting. I keep waiting for this book to get better.


Justice League (Volume 3) #11
Written by Bryan Hitch
Art by Neil Edwards

This was action packed with some rushed looking art in it. There were some good moments but nothing much to really write about. Hitch is very hit or miss with so far in this book being mostly misses.


Justice League (Volume 3) #12
Written by Tim Seeley
Art by Christian Duce

So this issue focused on Maxwell Lord and it was better than any issue of this series so far. Is Maxwell Lord’s history with the Justice League International gone from continuity now? It sure seems like he has always been with Checkmate but maybe this is just going over his secret history? I hope they clear up with is back from pre-flashpoint and what is not. Anyways, can we have Seeley and Duce as the new creative team. This was a great issue! More happened here than any of the previous 11 issues combined.


Justice League (Volume 3) #13
Written by Tim Seeley
Art by Scot Eaton

This issue focused on Steve Trevor and barely featured the Justice League at all outside of Wonder Woman as Eclipso seems to be taking over the world. It was dark and disturbing and a lot of fun to read. Seeley is a great writer.


Justice League (Volume 3) #14
Written by Bryan Hitch
Art by Hitch and Daniel Henriques

As much as I despise having Cyborg on this team instead of Martian Manhunter, I did cheer when he told Jessica Cruz to Shut up and then called her an idiot. She is annoying as hell with her boo-hooing. I loved how Superman brings up the events of Tower of Babel which was the first JLA trade paperback I bought as a kid. I guess this didn’t happen in the New 52 universe (except it probably did and nobody remembers). My take on this whole thing is that the pre-flashpoint Batman and the current Batman are the same person with time and memory erased by whoever is behind everything so I take the my Batman vs. your Batman stuff with a grain of salt. I think Superman is one of the few characters who has a real doppelganger in the New 52 vs. real DCU. At least, that is my hope for how this turns out. Hitch seems to be getting better at writing these characters as there is some great character work and dialogue in this issue which was lacking before, but damn, he is still having them call each other by their first names all the time.


Justice League (Volume 3) #8
Written by Bryan Hitch
Art by Fernando Pasarin

Okay so that moon thing from last issue we just never see the resolution of that. Okay…I mean I guess that is okay it wasn’t that interesting. And this issue was damn interesting because this is the first time we have some confirmation that my theory is correct! These are the same characters from Pre-Flashpoint with their memories erased! In this issue, a girl called the Keeper tells them she has been watching even in times they can’t remember and mentions Crisis and Flashpoint. Hell ya DC! You are winning me back. Also Frenando Pasarin’s art is awesome here. Finally, this series is getting good!

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