Green Lantern Corps 59-63

Green Lantern Corps (Volume 2) #59
Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Tyler Kirkham

Of course Hal Jordan would not know why Kyle chose to be a Blue Lantern. He is a total douche bag after all. Kyle looks sweet as a Blue Lantern and he almost saves the day here while Ganthet chews out Hal Joran for his decisions. Yay! Why am I the only one that seems to not understand how much better Kyle is than Hal in fandom.


Green Lantern Corps (Volume 2) #60
Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Tyler Kirkham

Did John Stewart just blow up Mogo?! Sure looks like it. Wow. I hope not for good. This issue was awesome, because of Bedard’s writing, and the fact that it had no Hal Jordan. Those are the best issues. All comics without Hal Jordan. It was cool to see John absorb the Black Lantern energy and Kyle use ghosts of dead Lanterns to inspire hope with his blue energy. Great issue.


Green Lantern Corps (Volume 2) #61
Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Daniel HDR

While there was no Kyle Rayner in this issue and that is a bummer, it was still a fantastic issue as we see John Stewart teach a new lantern the power over brains over brawn even among the Green Lantern Corps. It was interesting to see two planets together soon and I am sad that Mogo is gone but oh well. HDR’s art was beautiful!

Green_Lantern_Corps_Vol_2_62Green Lantern Corps (Volume 2) #62
Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Daniel HDR

This issue luckily focuses on my favorite Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and his relationship with Soranik Natu. Of course I loved it. I think the idea that the Star Sapphire can teleport people they have emotional connections with to wherever they are located to be a neat idea. In this issue, a star sapphire feels it is her sacred duty to keep Kyle and Soranik together and Kyle reveals to Soranik his true love is actually Jade. I like that that relationship has not been forgotten after all these years. HDR turns out some great artwork too.

Green Lantern Corps (Volume 2) #63
Written by Scott Kolins
Art by Joe Prado, Scott Kolins, Freddie Williams II, and Daniel HDR

This was a compilation of quite well done character studies of different Green Lanterns as they react to the events of the War and having had Krona make them do horrible things. It is a shame Tony Bedard did not get to write the series finale but Kolins is a good writer too. I will miss this book.



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