Detective Comics 875 – 881


Detective Comics #875
Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Francisco Francavilla

This was very good. I was very impressed. Snyder is making sure that the stories here in Detective Comics are true detective stories as Commissioner Gordon tries to solve an old case involving missing children while at the same time thinking back on his young son’s possible murder of a teenage girl. It is dark but that is always fine in the Batman corner of the DC Universe. I wonder if this idea that James Gordon Jr. was a tad nutty is ever referenced in a comic before. You would think Oracle would have mentioned her friend going missing.


Detective Comics #876
Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Jock

Snyder switches from Commissioner Gordon to Dick Grayson Batman for this issue when a dead killer whale shows up in a Gotham City bank one morning with a girl inside. One cant help but wonder are they bringing back the villain Orca? I always liked Orca but I am pretty sure she is dead. Anyways it was a really creepy murder. Snyder also mines continuity by referencing the murder of Dick’s parents; the bank owner is the daughter of Boss Zucco. Anyways, more Batman comics should be as cool as this.


Detective Comics #877
Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Jock

Scott Snyder pulls a  Paul Dini this issue and creates two new Batman villains; the Roadrunner and Tiger Shark. I like when writes understand the world they are writing and don’t try to change it into something else. Batman fight comic book villains and Snyder get that. Jock’s art was incredible as well. You really feel the scale of Gotham City in his art.


Detective Comics #878
Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Jock

The Tiger Shark is truly a classic villain. He wears the skin of endangered animals, has henchmen, and Killer Whales. It is awesome. Dick meets with James Gordon Jr. in this issue as well and realizes that Boss Zucco’s daughter may have been using him.I called it in my head that James Jr would go after Ben Wolff otherwise this was a great issue.



Detective Comics #879

Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Art by Francisco Francavilla

Commissioner Gordon meets with Oracle to discuss her brother as they both want to find out if he truly has reformed. The shocking truth is that James Jr has created a pill that will turn people into psychopaths and is planning on giving it to Gotham’s Children. Francavilla’s art make the story doubly creepy – especially a scene with the Joker. The final scene brings things full circle and I won’t spoil it but it’s just good writing.


Detective Comics #880

Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Art by Jock

After he escapes from Arkham, Barbara Gordon Sr. is brutally attacked with Joker venom. This issue ends with the shocker that it wasn’t the Joker at all (who Snyder writes perfectly) but James Jr. I hope Snyder doesn’t make Oracle a damsel-in-distress the next issue because we all know she can hold her own. Otherwise this was an amazing Batman story. I look forward to the finale.


Detective Comics #881

Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Art by Francisco Francavilla and Jock

This is the last issue before the New 52 reboot but this series is not ending as the original numbering is coming back this month. Yay! I won’t be reviewing crap New 52 issues though and will skip ahead to Rebirth. Anyways creeper James Jr puts knives into Oracle’s arteries. I can’t help but wonder why the Birds of Prey aren’t in on this case. I love that Snyder chooses to have Red Robin help Batman here instead of Damian. Tim is the real Robin in my book. This was a tremendous finale to what has been a tremendous run on Detective Comics.




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