The Batgirl of Hong Kong


Red Robin #17
Written by Fabian Nicieza
Art by Marcus To


My favorite comic book character of all time – Cassandra Cain! THE BATGIRL, in my opinion, returns in this issue! Working in Hong Kong in a new costume, Red Robin travels to give her her old costume back. She agrees that Stephanie needs to be Batgirl right now but Red Robin reminds her that she is always going to be a member of the bat family and she takes the costume! I can’t wait to see her in it again soon as the Batgirl of Hong Kong! I would have liked to see her talk to Bruce but this is good enough for now…Nicieza writers her in character and as bad ass as always. I can’t thank him enough for this I almost want to write him a letter I really think I just might. The rest of the issue was great as Tim sets up his new headquarters at the abandoned theatre in Crime Alley (Great idea for a headquarters), meets up with Lynx and then Batman and they even hug! Bruce’s new costume is awesome! I love it! Cass is back yes!!


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