Justice League of America #50
Written by James Robinson
Art by Mark Bagley


I liked this issue as it begins the new Crime Syndicate arc. Normally I would be annoyed to see another Crime Syndicate story but I would like to see them up against the new League. I think it’s ashame that Robinson thought it was necessary to have them destroy the Tangent universe of Earth-9…but we don’t know if it will be completely destroyed yet. One thing that annoyed the crap out of me that put me in a bad mood while reading it is that Alexander Luthor is NOT FROM THE ANTI-MATTER EARTH! He is from the long-dead Pre-Crisis Earth-3, so why does the Crime Syndicate act like they know him and why would he want to have their world destroyed after his death???? I sure hope this isn’t a huge continuity mistake and Robinson will explain it. Otherwise, still loving Robinson’s run and the new League.

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