The Shroud’s Significance


Azrael (Volume 2) #11
Written by David Hine
Art by Guillem March


Wow this is heavy stuff we are dealing with in this issue. DC took a big risk by publishing it, and I am glad they did it was a fantastic issue but even insinuating that Christ was not ressurected is dangerous to do in a world filled with fundamentalist crazy Christians. I wonder if the priest is lying though and there is some other significance to the shroud? Anyways, the Crusader is still a terrifying villain and it is sickening that he is recreating real life martyred saints. The idea that people did this to each other at all is really awful cause these are some gruesome deaths but damn this is a good book and more people should be checking it out!

4 thoughts on “The Shroud’s Significance

  1. I think DC needs to leave God and Jesus alone. This is the kind of stuff that will keep me from buying this book. I’m Catholic, I’m not supporting some comic book that offends my faith. It’s not important enough.

  2. But it’s just a story…there are plenty of stories that involve murder in comics yet that should offend your faith. Just a thought….you have every right to not buy the comic.

  3. Oh for the love of…

    Great. Has DC really stooped so low that they blatantly insult an mock the christian faith? I mean, we get plenty of crud from the government and everybody else, and now the comic industy in getting in on the action. Apparently, this book was made for 3 reasons: A.) To pander to all of the faithful Azrael fans out their (I am of their number), B.) To show gut splattering violence without tarnishing titles such as Batman, and C.) to deliberatly mock the faith of a quarter of the world. You’re not going to see them doing that to Islam, are you? #### you DC! #### you Hine!

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