Fantasy Forest


Green Arrow (Volume 5) #3
Written by J.T. Krul
Art by Diogenes Neves


Ollie is saved by the forest and white light that heals his wound. We still don’t know who it was that shot him but he finds a new friend in Galahad – apparently a guy from Star City who at the very least believes he is the Galahad of Legend. In a really cool scene the forest goes through all the seasons in moments. Although Star City is in California – so they don’t have seasons right? Oh well we can chalk that one up to it being a magical forest. Meanwhile, we learn about this new Queen’s backstory and how she met and fell in love with Ollie’s father when she was a teenager. I love how they are fleshing out Ollie’s parents cause we really don’t know much about them and Ollie has been around as a comic character for 70 years! I am loving this book still and the art is as breathtaking as always. I wonder where Speedy is though…shouldn’t we at least get a mention of where exactly Ollie’s ward is during all this.

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