One Night Stand


Adventure Comics #517
Written by Paul Levitz
Art by Kevin Sharpe
Co-Feature by Jeff Lemire
Art by Mahmud Asrar


The main Legion story…not sure what to think of it. Teenagers do drink and have sex in real life, but I don’t know, seemed a tad inappropriate for the Legion at this point in their history for Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy to be going out on a barcrawl and ending up in a one night stand! Saturn Girl wanting to prove herself was a good storyline though and everything. The back-up with boring old Ray Palmer did nothing to excite me. I miss Panda and Head and all the great Ryan Choi supporting characters and Ryan himself. Why isn’t Ray trying to solve Ryan’s murder? I really don’t like seeing freaking Calculator again and I hope this is the last we see of him for a while.

One thought on “One Night Stand

  1. Personally I like the original Ray, but as portrayed in the old Gardner Fox stories, this new storyline is booooring. Having a bunch of exposition about a character’s childhood in a backup is a big mistake, as much as I’m glad to see backups back.

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