Putty Woman


Doom Patrol (Volume 5) #13
Written by Keith Giffen
Art by Matthew Clark and Ron Randall


Elasti-Woman reveals to her teammates the truth about her ressurection and how she is really a protoplasm form (Kind= of like The Matrix Supergirl!) and has to remember what she really looks like every morning to reform herself. It adds a whole new dimension to her character and I liked it. I am not sure why she went all crazy on Mento at the end but I am sure she has her reasons besides revenge for him stalking her in her mind. The dating on her journal bothered me – there is no way she adopted Beast Boy in 2006! I wish writers at DC would just use the Unauthorized Chronology of the DC Universe already! It happened in early 1993 according to that heavily researched and great timeline that DC should make official! Anyways this was a good issue as I continue to enjoy this book more and more.


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