The Missing Chapter Retold


Batman #701
Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Tony Daniel


I was confused by this issue – it was solicited to be the story of what happened between R.I.P and Final Crisis. The things is I knew that they already told this story and I looked back and sure enough the end of issue 683 featured the same scene where Batman tells Alfred the Justice League called and how he told Hurt to “Burn in Hell”. I like how the dialogue here is exactly the same, at first I was afraid that the editors had forgotten the story had been told. But I was wrong and this is actually a more direct approach at telling that story and an elaboration with more information. Daniel’s art was top-notch here and I loved how he drew Batman escaping from the ocean. This issue really made me want to go back and read R.I.P. I liked how direct Morrison’s storytelling is, it did not confuse me in the way it has in the past. Very good.

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