Batman and Robin #12
Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Andy Clarke


Spoiler Warning:


A certain clown prince of crime is back after being missing since R.I.P. I did not suspect that he was Oberon Sexton even a little bit. That was a good swerve. As for the rest of this issue, Talia disowns Damian and is creating a new son for herself from his DNA. She is more of a whackjob here then I ever remember her being. You know what else makes Morrison one of if not my favorite comics writer (Yes Johns used to be but now not so much since he began his Hal and Barry Worship phase) is the little continuity references like when Dick confronts Deathstroke and mentions Bludhaven. Slade deserved that. I was wondering when Dick was going to mention his former home city again…it didn’t even seem like he dealt with its destruction even when he was Nightwing. I can’t wait to see what happens next!


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