Green Arrow (Volume 4) #32
Written by J.T. Krul
Art by
Federico Dallocchio


Wow. Just wow. I mean this whole mess isn’t Krul’s fault, he is a good writer who was thrown into the worst DCU story since Countdown (Or even when Cassandra Cain was turned into a killer – okay that was even worse then this) but this is jsut awful. It is not that I hate that they made Green Arrow kill Prometheus. It’s the way the other heroes acted about it. This guy murdered Lian Harper and led to the death of thousands of Star City innocents – in real life no one would be upset about this. Barry Allen comes off as a huge prick – I resent that Barry came back to life, and this makes me hate it even more cause the character is written as completely unlikable. Black Canary leaving Green Arrow is equally retarted – yes he has hurt her in the past but I thing she should have stood by him through all of this. It is so strange. It is like the DC editors want us to hate all of their characters. Black Canary could have gone to work with the Birds of Prey again without ending her marriage (although I doubt they are getting divorced so much as separated). That being said, this is the end of this volume of Green Arrow and maybe after all this crap a fresh start is needed. I can’t say that I am uninterested in the new direction of Green Arrow in the forest. Could be rather interesting.

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