Back-Tracking The Flash


The Flash (Volume 3) #1
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Francis Manapul


Well…that was…underwealming. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed this…the debut of the new Flash series (The third relaunch of the Flash since I launched this blog) starring boring old Barry Allen. Wally West will always be the Flash to me but I at least like seeing Barry to react how things have changed since his death and the relationship with Iris. Manapul’s art really worked for Smallville in Adventure Comics but I wish he would go back to his Legion-style art work instead of the water colors for this book. The water colors just don’t work for Central City. I really wanted to see Wally in this book, and I think that is why I felt completely underwhelmed. I like the fleshing out of Barry’s supporting cast at the lab and all that but I want Wally and Linda and the kids and Bart and all of them. The idea of the rogues from the future also doesn’t really interest me but we will see where it goes. I don’t know maybe I am still bitter about Barry coming back but I just could not get excited about this.


2 thoughts on “Back-Tracking The Flash

  1. Barry is boring and he was dead before I was born and it was senseless to bring him back outside of Geoff Johns being self indulgent re-living his childhood. Should have left him and Jason Todd dead.

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