Titans (Volume 2) #23
Written by Eddie Berganza
Art by Scott Clark and Ardian Syaf


I think I have said enough about how disgusting it was for DC to kill off Lian Harper, but I did enjoy this issue. Okay I hated it at first but I liked the look back at the history of this team and it reminds me of me and my friends over the years, you go through rough spots, but it makes you closer in the end. There was something very real about all this. Sure it was filled with unnecessary retcons – I don’t remember Donna and Roy being that serious or the Titans finding about Roy’s drug abuse – but I still enjoyed it. I guess because it profiles probably the greatest family in all of comics – the Titans. They have stuck together through bad and worse and I love that about them and I am glad they are becoming Justice Leaguers now.


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