Green Arrow (Volume 4) #31
Written by J.T. Krul
Art by Federico Dellachio

First of all in the Source blog I swore they said this issue was being drawn by the guy who did last issue – guess not. I wish it was but this guy wasn’t bad. Anyways, can I just say that Cry for Justice and Lian Harper’s needless death was the FUCKING DUMBEST THING DC has done in a while. It was awful and took away one of the greatest things about the character of Roy Harper and was the perfect example of Fridging. Green Arrow’s decision to go crazy after it is equally dumb and seemingly comes out of nowhere. This isn’t Ollie at all. Krul went from starting out great on this book to total shit. Barry Allen is acting like a total jerk in this too, since when does he not like Ollie? How would even know to tell Connor Hawke about any of this, he has never met Connor?! Dinah is not talking to Ollie like a wife at all. This issue was weak…really weak. Krul can do better but instead he is stuck with this awful left over plot that makes no sense. It’s awful.


One thought on “Dumb

  1. The Lian Harper thing was the lowest of the low. It was weak AND disgusting and I totally agree it was “fridging” at it’s worst. It was beyond pointless.

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