Poison Ivy Does Not Believe In Love


Gotham City Sirens #8
Written by Guillem March and Marc Andreyko
Art by March


First off, I will comment that Dini is not writing this book, just like Streets of Gotham, and this is a completely different comic then was solicited. I hope Dini comes back but still…this was a good comics. March and Andreyko did a good job filling in. I love that there are murders of eco-terrorists in Robinson Park and Poison Ivy is being blamed, and she is pissed not that she is being falsely accused, but because she wished she had been the one to kill them. Hahaha. Poison Ivy is a great character and this was an excellent showcase for her. I liked the establishment of Harley meeting Poison Ivy when she was a doctor at Arkham. I could be wrong but I think that is something that has never been revealed before. The ending is perfect, I won’t spoil it but Poison Ivy does exactly what I would expect her to do to stop the killer.

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