Sidways Smileyface


The Web #4
Written by Angela Robinson
Art by Roger Robinson
Co-Feature by John Rozum
Art by Tom Derenick

Okay in this issue the Web says “I couldn’t bring myself to type a sideway smileyface, it’s just not my style.” Hahaha. How awesome is that?! I love all the internet stuff in this book! Then to top it all off – The Web calls hit own number to turn off some of his “Web Hosts” and has to wait and find out what his account number is and experiences all the frusturation one feels when they call Comcast or any other company like that. It was hilarious. Although the entire issue really hits home how dumb it was for the Web to create “Web Hosts”. It was really dumb, and I think makes the character look like an idiot. This issue served to prove that. This is Angela Robinson’s last issue and the ending seemed really rushed. I do like that The Web is shown to have one-night stands and everything. Although the rich partying playboy really didn’t really show until this issue, I think it is the direction that Robinson should have taken the character from the beginning. The Hangman co-feature is still the better feature in the book as The Hangman defeats the Water creature by promising it freedom from its masters and then setting him free to destroy them. I like that the Hangman has this true hatred of slavery in all forms.

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