Blackest Night Over Opal City


Starman (Volume 2) #81
Written by James Robinson
Art by Fernando Dagnino

I have very little background knowledge of Robinson’s Starman series. I read the first arc of it and found the art to be too distracting, but it was enjoyable I guess. I didn’t know what to expect when I heard that this was going to be a “Black Lantern Series” resurrected for one issue. I certainly wasn’t as excited as some people were. I will say that I really enjoyed this issue. It focuses on The Shade, a character who is intriguing because of his well…Shade of Grey….no pun intended. He reminds me of Vegeta from DBZ, in that he was once evil and now good – or well sorta good. Jack Knight doesn’t appear in this issue but it doesn’t matter because from what I know of Robinson’s Starman – Opal City was the real star of the book and it certainly is the setting of the action here.

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