Keep Jurgens


Booster Gold (Volume 2) #28
Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Jurgens
Co-Feature by Matthew Sturges
Art by Mike Norton

I was sad to hear that Jurgens was leaving this title. Can’t we at least keep him on the art DC? He is the perfect Booster Gold creator! (He is also THE creator of Booster) His run may not have been a huge sales success but it has been darn good and this issue is no exception. I like the idea of Goldstar going back in time to Coast City (although I think she remembered that the City was going to be destroyed a little too quickly) and it was fun to see Booster in the Death of Superman era. The Blue Beetle back-up kind’ve annoyed me. Didn’t we get past the scarab turning Jaime evil thing in John Rogers’s excellent run….and since when is the scarab from Bialya and not Egypt. Sturges seems to be running out of ideas here.

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