Lex Luthor Is Quite Evil


Adventure Comics #509
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Francis Manapul

I get the feeling that this was a rushed ending – but that is okay because it was a great story. I can’t say that I understand why Lex did what he did – curing his sister and then reversing the cure. Lex is a whackjob. He really can cure all these ailments but instead chooses to fight Superman and cares about nothing else. I loved that Connor came to the conclusion that he is nothing like Lex and it was great to see Connor with Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, and Red Robin like the old Teen Titans days. They really are the best of friends. I was afraid at first that Johns was trying to show that Lex was actually good and cared for his family, which while would be nice, it really takes away from his character and I am glad that it turned out to just be another evil scheme. Oh and the idea of Brainiac-Luthor hybrid is pretty cool, I look forward to that wherever it plays out. Johns and Manapul will be missed on this title.


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