Celebrating Ten Years of Batgirl: Azrael 60

Batgirl next makes a one-panel appearance in Detective Comics #738. And a couple of background appearances in Robin #70 and Legends of the Dark Knight #124. Her secret origin is recapped in one page of No Man’s Land Secret Files and Origins. She has more background appearances in Shadow of the Bat #92 and Detective Comics #739.

It won’t be until Azrael: Agent of the Bat #60, that Batgirl makes another significant appearance.

Azrael: Agent of the Bat #60

Once again Batgirl is written by O’Niel and drawn by Robinson. This time around she has an extremely significant first. She meets the man who put her predecessor in a wheelchair.


Azrael asks Batgirl what her plan is and she has a rather interesting response here.


  This is a girl who is ready to kick some ass!

Barbara Gordon is at first reluctant to send Batgirl out to face the Joker – but surprisingly it is Nightwing who agrees with Bruce that the new Batgirl is perfectly capable.

*I can tell you right now, Stephanie Brown, as much as I love her, she could not face down the Joker*

Azrael doesn’t seem to quite agree with Dick and Barbara.


You can tell by the look on Batgirl’s face above that she is not going to listen to Azrael, and sure enough….


Can I just say that I miss that AWESOME costume she has, look how amazing it looks drawn by Robinson.

Anyways, as azrael_no.060_p16it turns out this wasn’t the real Joker, but as we know Cassandra could have taken the Joker out too if it was. I love the moment above between Azrael and Batgirl.

Batgirl and Azrael finally come across the real Joker and Harley Quinn at the end of the issue, who are keeping a young girl named Cassie hostage, but Azrael mistakes the real one for being fake and this throws Joker off his game and they walk away with the hostage. I love the Kramer hair on Joker! Batgirl seems to have taken an interest in the young girl from this panel, a quiet curiosity. I imagine she hasn’t interacted much with children before.


Issue Firsts:

First meeting with The Joker and Harley Quinn

Sneak Attack Count:


Total Sneak Attack Count:


Significant Creator Count:


Denny O’Neil (3)
Janet Harvey (1)

Kelley Puckett (2)

Greg Rucka (1)

Devin Grayson (1)


Roger Robinson (3)

Sergio Cariello (1)

Deodato (1)

Damion Scott (2)

Dale Eaglesham (1)

Knock-Out Count:


Total Knock-Out Count:


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