Willingham’s Solo Run Begins


Justice Society of America #34
Written by Bill Willingham
Art by Travis Moore

Willingham’s run truly begins here. I find it interesting that they went from announcing the team was splitting up and then this issue. We didn’t get to see the team actually split up. It is like there is a missing issue.  I think the main JSA Line-up is good, although I feel like the All-Stars are a more interesting group at this point. I wish Amazing-Man was still on the team, he was a great addition to the team and I still miss him. At first I was annoyed that a another person could sneak into JSA headquarters again (I love that they are temporarily staying at the Happy Harbor Cave!) but Willingham proved that I underestimated his writing when he revealed that the JSA knew there was an intruder all along. The art was good, but I do miss Merino already. I am not sure how I feel about Liberty Belle’s characterization, I think this is a wait and see thing on her. I guess I am just annoyed already about how both Willingham and Sturges keep bringing up that everyone thought her and Rick were going to break up cause they are on separate teams. It is too much of a fourth wall breaker because I don’t believe that Mr. Terrific or anyone on the JSA would actually think that. They are just stand-ins for the fans and it rings false in my eyes.

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