Bringing Gotham To life


Batman #694
Written by Tony Daniel
Art by Daniel

I know  this will make me unpopular among bloggers for saying this, but Tony Daniel’s current run on Batman is BETTER then Batman and Robin by Morrison. There I said it! This is some great stuff! The art is fantastic I loved looking at every page! What an improvement! And that is not sarcasm, he has really stepped up his game. The story and writing is fantastic as well as he crafts a compelling mystery and involves so many characters but it never feels overcrowded. It really feels like Gotham has come alive when I am reading this, sort’ve like the old days when I first got into comics during No Man’s Land. I love having the Falcones back! The Penguin being awesome along with Doctor Death, Hugo Strange, the new Black Mask, The Reaper! This was a great issue.


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