Ragdoll = Sexy?


Secret Six (Volume 3) #16
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Peter Nguyen

The guest artist does his best to channel Nicola Scott, and I applaud him for his efforts but there really is no way to replace the great Nicola Scott on this book. I can’t wait for her to return. This was a fun issue as Secret Six is always a wild – if not disturbingly fun- series. Black Alice joins the team after Scandal has been kicked off. Black Alice is a character that I have followed since she was introduced in Birds of Prey and was revealed to be the sister of Misfit – I hope Simone follows up on that plotline as Misfit has been M.I.A. since Birds of Prey ended. The part with the child killer was incredibly disturbing and I love that Black Alice doesn’t flinch at all. I also love that she thinks Ragdolls is hot! Hahaha.


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