Adventure Comics #508
Written by Geoff Johns and Sterling Gates
Art by Jerry Ordway
Co-Feature by Johns
Art by Francis Manapul

Grant Morrison’s Animal Man and even the final pages of Legion of Three Worlds were a cool way of bring the readers into the story – but when you hammer it into the story too much the coolness disappears and it just becomes annoying, which is how I felt about this issue. Seeing Superboy-Prime tear up the DC Comics headquarters makes the book written for the people writing it and not the fans. I felt like Johns was really being overly self-important here. I did not like it. Especially considering Geoff Johns used to be my favorite writer, I expect better from him. The Superboy back-up was much better then the Prime story as we discover the Lori character is related to a certain evil bald billionaire. I liked it.


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