Donna Flys Solo


Titans (Volume 2) #20
Written by Mike Johnson
Art by Sergio Arino

Donna Troy goes solo in another spectacular single issue Titans tale. I have to say that Johnson could write a Donna Troy ongoing – he gets her and really makes me like her. I always loved her but I mean hear she seems so much more real. I love that she is going out and starting her life over again. She has been a full time hero for far too long. Miami will be a nice choice for her I think. The guy that Donna likes is a blonde named Tom – come on that is confusing and makes me think of Nemesis right away. Couldn’t we have a non-Wonder Woman like romantic interest for Donna? Oh and I sure hope she doesn’t keep the glasses look for her secret identity. I am pretty sure during the Wolfman/Perez days she didn’t even have a secret identity.

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