Journey Into Devil’s Square


Batman #693
Written by Tony Daniel
Art by Daniel

Daniel once again shows he has what it takes to write Batman, there was more story to this issue then in all three issues of his Battle for the Cowl. It was good to see the Bat Family working together (Although I wish we could have seen Cassandra Cain!) during the party and we check in on everything that is going on in Gotham. I am dying to know who the Black Mask is. Is Devil’s Square a new concept? I don’t remember that area of Gotham being mentioned before or am I wrong? I am excited to see Riddler returning to his old criminal self. The Riddler as detective thing has been fun for a while but I mean who didn’t think he would be a villain again? And the way he switches back is so comic bookey I love it. I was excited to see the Barbara-Dick-Helena love triangle again. I forgot that he slept with Huntress back in the day. Plus, I may be in the minority here, but I have never bought the Dick and Barbara relationship. I always felt like they should be close friends and not lovers.


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