The Return of Vicki Vale


Red Robin #6
Written by Christopher Yost
Art by Marco To

I didn’t expect Hush (who is still posing as Bruce Wayne) to become involved in this series but I did like the scenes between him and Vicki Vale. I have had minimal exposure to the character of Vicki Vale. She was already gone from Bruce’s life when I started reading comics so I know her most from Kim Basinger’s portrayal in 1989’s Batman. I always thought she was interesting though and I hope Yost explore her past relationship with Bruce further. Tim’s fight with the Council of Spiders is interesting and I like how Yost is adding more to the rich mythos that are the league of Assassins. We really are learning how powerful of an organization this is. I see that this takes place after Blackest Night or at least after Blackest Night: Batman. I like that they clarified that. I also highly doubt that Tam Fox is going to get killed.


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