Moving Across The Country


Titans (Volume 2) #19
Written by J.T. Krul
Art by Angel Unzueta

When this issue’s opening said it took place in Star City I was a little annoyed. Why would Roy live in Star City? That’s all the way on the other side of the country from Titans Compound in New York and he is not the Flash. I spoke too soon as it is explained he just moved to Star City to get Lian out of New York and because he felt the Titans were drifting apart. That leaves Donna, Cyborg, Flash, and Starfire as members of “Titans East” and we know three out of four are going to be in the Justice League. Will Flash stay with the team after Deathstroke takes over? I highly doubt it. It is starting to look like Wallace is going to be creating an all-new team when he takes over this book, which I am not complaining about. It could be interesting. This was a nice character study of Red Arrow and his relationship with Lian. I liked it. These done-in-one character studies have been better then anything in this book before. I guess that means it is time for a whole new team.


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