I Want To Hate This Book


Batgirl (Volume 3) #4
Written by Bryan Q. Miller
Art by Tim Levins and Lee Garbett


I want so much to hate this book! Especially after watching Kyle Rayner died over in Green Lantern Corps, I really want this book to be awful because I love Cassandra Cain so much. Unfortunately, this book is a lot of fun. Stephanie is making for an interesting Batgirl. Can we at least see Cassandra though? Is Babs aware of where she is? Steph’s new costume is cool and make me miss Cassandra less now that we aren’t seeing Cassie’s Batgirl costume on the page.  So this is series is easier to read and less of a reminder that DC continues to disrespect my favorite comic book character. Barbara and Steph’s relationship is a lot of fun and Steph has great one-liners. I have to say that this issue was a definite success. I am not sure that putting Steph against Livewire was such a good idea. Could they not have had a Gotham villain to face? I am glad that I am enjoying this, don’t get me wrong, I know that I would enjoy it more if it was about Cassandra Cain or at least mentioned her.


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