Bad Art Ruins Good Story


Batman and Robin #6
Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Phillip Tan


Wow Phillip Tan does not show any strengths here. Why did this guy get picked to follow Quitely? I mean this was bad art. Everything was muddled and dark and it hurt the storytelling. Moments that should have been great were ruined by this artist. I am really sad to say it. This issue was filled to the brim with story but it was lost in all of the horrible art. Story-wise, I have a lot to say. What the hell happened the end? Was that Bruce? It can’t be can it? If so, his return was ruined by art that made it completely unclear as to what was going on. Ugh I wanted to like this so much because it was a good story but all of the great moments were absolutely ruined. It was like going to see a good movie but being blinded.


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