The Origin of Batwoman


Detective Comics #858
Written by Greg Rucka
Art by J.H. Williams III
Co-Feature by Rucka
Art by Cully Hamner

We finally begin the origin of Batwoman – a story I have waited three years to read. Was it worth the wait? I don’t know yet. I like that it has the violent background that the other bat characters have. Kate’s mom is murdered by terrorists or some kind of group because after she and her sister are kidnapped. Her twin sister seems dead but is obviously not considering she grows up to become Alice. Under any other artist, the story wouldn’t be as engaging. But the way Williams not only changes his style when we shift into the flashback, but also how draws the entire kidnapping and horrific scene through the eyes of Kate – which helps the reader empathize with her and think about how horrific the scene would seem to such a young girl. The way her father stays calm while saving Kate and reassures her is such a sad scene that I can’t say that Rucka’s script didn’t contribute to the greatness of this issue. Unfortunately, the Question back-up is still boring and completely devoid of anything remotely interesting.


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