Web Hosts


The Web #2
Written by Angela Robinson
Art by Roger Robinson
Co-Feature by  John Rozum
Art by Tom Derenick

The idea of franchising the Web name to other heroes is a cool idea, if not altogether a stupid plan because that seems like a lot of power to give to someone. What if an evil person commits crime as the Web? Did John do background checks? That being said I did like this issue, although I kinda wished there was a recap of what happened with his brother again because I couldn’t remember what that was exactly. The Web has an awesome costume still and I am loving the character so far. I can’t wait to see what Sturges does with the book. The Hangman back-up was just as good, although the art left something to be desired. It was great to see Hangman flashback to an untold golden age adventure with him and Sandman.


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