Reactron Extinguished


Supergirl (Volume 5) #46
Written by Sterling Gates and Greg Rucka
Art by Jamal Igle and Eduardo Pansica

This is the conclusion of the Hunt for Reactron storyline that began here and continued here and here. This was a satisfactory conclusion as Reactron is finally defeated and it ends with Kara bringing him to New Krypton. It was great to see Thara morph into Flamebird and for Supergirl to reconcile her friendship with Thara. When are we going to see Chris become the Nightwing being. I want to learn more about these mystical beings. I think it really makes Chris and Thara much more interesting. I also want to know what Lana is hiding but I suppose we won’t find out until Kara confronts here. Some of the expressions on people’s faces seemed a bit off and not fitting what they were saying. Lois looks angry through her whole scene with Lana and I didn’t like that. I suppose that could be because of Pansica’s art.


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