Sam Lane Makes A Great Villain


Action Comics #882
Written by Greg Rucka and Sterling Gates
Art by Pere Perez
Co-Feature by Rucka and James Robinson
Art by

This is part 3 of the Hunt for Reactron storyline that began here and continued here. I didn’t expect Reactron to kill the entire Squad K – especially when I was starting to really like their leader. This little crossover has been a lot of fun and action-packed so far and I can’t wait for next week’s conclusion. The Superman books are the best they have been in years – even without Superman. Sam Lane is the ultimate villain. The Captain Atom back-up finally explains why Captain Atom went crazy and became Monarch in Countdown – he was being controlled by Mirabai. Now I am not sure why she sent him into the multiverse to do all those crazy things – but Countdown was so poorly thought out that it doesn’t really matter does it. Major Force shows up and when that asshole shows up you know things are bad. It was good to see Natasha Irons as well.


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